When the National Association of Realtors (NAR) published the “2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” (article here), they revealed a critical piece of information that we need to discuss in more detail. It relates to how consumers begin their home search process.

To home buyers, “online websites were seen as a very useful information source at 82 percent.” In other words, websites were perceived to be more valuable for the consumer than any other marketing tactic you’re likely already implementing.

So if you don’t have a website where you and your business can be found, how will you communicate your value to consumers? A website helps you establish credibility as an agent and as a business. If your marketing consists of just ads in bus stops, newspapers and brochures, think again… and this time, think about involving a website into your marketing mix.

What’s the alternative to not having a website? Well, missing out on opportunities for clients to identify you. Losing potential transactions. Dwindling your sales funnel. You see where this is going. And while not having a website means basically not having a business, a bad website can be just as bad. A weak website tells your consumer you’re not a real business. So agents don’t need to only have a website, they need a robust real estate website. Let’s delve a little more into the benefits of having a website for your real estate business.

Be referred to as the ‘go to agent.’

Within a website, you can showcase relevant trends you’re seeing in the real estate market, you can expose your property listings , share testimonials written about you, highlight  your blog articles and more! All of this works together to educate potential consumers. And to the consumer, education is perceived as value. So if you notice consumers turning to you for questions and advice, even before they’re looking to move forward with a real estate transaction, you can safely assume you’re top-of-mind and their go to agent.

Low-cost advertising.

The web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. While it’s time-consuming to create a real estate website and to drive traffic to it, it costs close to nothing to maintain it over the long run. Depending on the platform you use to create your website, you might have to pay a one-time fee or a recurring fee to maintain your website. Regardless, when it compares to other marketing expenses, you’ll find that it’s on the lower end of the spectrum.

Time-saving lead generation efforts.

Once you have an established website that runs like a well-oiled machine, you can focus on other aspects of your business. While you’re out meeting with clients, prospects can find you online 24/7, all year-round, when they search online to buy or sell real estate. Hopefully, they will ask to contact you. If they do, you would have generated a new lead without having made drastic changes to your daily routine.

Fill up your sales pipeline.

Again, a website can create business opportunities for you everyday of the year. Consumers can visit your site for information, to browse through your active listings, and more whenever it’s convenient for them. Your website is invaluable and a resource always available for your prospects.


Easy Agent Pro (who produces the best real estate websites and interesting marketing ideas for real estate agents) interviewed Kyle Hiscock, a licensed real estate salesperson and realtor at Nothnagle Realtors, to ask him how he was able to get 10,000+ visitors to his website per month. The successful amount of traffic and leads to his site comes from his weekly (and simple) plan:

  1. He publishes 1 blog article per week.

  2. He is in social media multiple times a day.

  3. He focuses on the process rather than on receiving immediate results.

He follows these 3 steps and makes sure they’re all redirecting to his website. It’s not outrageous. So you, too, can see this same level of success with your site. Your website can also be #1 in Google search results. It can attract thousands of readers a month. And you can take a break from cold calling because your website is generating those new leads for you - while you focus on nurturing existing clients.

Read the interview go here.

Lastly, because last year websites were an integral aspect of the home buying process, we expect it to play an even bigger role this year. For that reason, we partnered with Easy Agent Pro to create a free, mini-educational series for you!

Co-Founder and CEO of Easy Agent ProTyler Zey, leads the video series Optimize Your Website, which focuses around reviewing and improving your real estate website to help you stand out from your competition. You can get access to the videos starting March 2nd, 2016.

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