When you list a property, you’re not just selling a house.

You’re selling a lifestyle.

Real estate agents are storytellers, spinning a way of life that can achieved with a new home.

Facts and figures about the property doesn’t move, inspire and motivate the consumer to purchase a home. It won’t appeal to their emotion.

Instead, tell a story.

Move your audience and make them imagine themselves living in that space. By doing so, you’ll be able to personalize every transaction.

So here are 9 quick ideas to help you sell a lifestyle:

  1. Take time to write a rich description of your listing. Include activities the buyer can do with the listing, what scenario they will wake up to everyday, and how easily it will be to live in the neighbourhood. Definitely include grocery stores, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, entertainment areas that might be in proximity to the listing at hand.

  2. Spend time and the necessary resources to take professional photographs of your listing. The quality of the images will set the precedent for what prospects should expect from you moving forward.

  3. Update your website to display your featured listings. You’ll want to prioritize which listings get attention and how quickly. By displaying your most lucrative listing in your front website, you’ll make it easier for consumers to explore it while increasing the chances of it getting bought.

  4. Send an email campaign to your current clients to let them know about your listings and encourage them to share amongst their network. You may also want to think about rewarding clients who send a referral your way. For example: invite a family to dinner at a local restaurant, buy them tickets to see their favorite artists, or provide a monetary reward.

  5. Write a blog promoting your featured listing. Make sure that within your blog, you are also writing about the surrounding areas like schools, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.

  6. Then get your blog link and begin promoting it through all your social media networks. But remember, keep social media messaging short yet captivating to bring in more engaging responses from your online audience.

  7. Make a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) that showcases key aspects of your listing. Again, promote this on your social media networks and invite people to attend an upcoming open house featuring that listing.

  8. Host an open house. There are so many angles that you can approach an open house and be successful while doing it. To learn more, check out this guide on how to host open houses that turn into a sale. You may also want to send out mail to your local community, inviting them to attend the open houses.

  9. Your fellow real estate agents may have a referral for you! So let other agents know about your listing by announcing it to your network of agents on RESAAS. You may privately or publicly share the listing with them. If you don’t already have an account, you may create one here and to learn how to use RESAAS, check out our Help Center here.

Below are a few mistakes agents tend to make when promoting their listings.

These harm how the consumer relates to the listing.

So try avoiding these as best you can:

Not writing a thorough description or personalizing each listing.

In your description, you may want to focus on explaining your value proposition showcasing your professional persona.

Try depicting a lifestyle for example: is there a school that children can attend, a park they can play nearby? Perhaps there is a gym nearby, or a hike in the mountains with a 20 minute car ride? Is there a grocery store within walking distance? Even better, is there a beach nearby?

These are details that seem small, but in reality they help to create an easier, stress-free life for the people who live there.

So instead of putting the bare minimum, or to list the benefits in bullet points, try setting aside an hour or two to tell the story of what it would be like to live in that house. Emotions play an important role in the decision-making process.

Coming off as too “sales-y” with their listing.

Buying a home requires a huge time commitment.

A lot of time is spent weighing the pros and cons, reviewing and renegotiating a contract, asking questions, hearing answers you don’t want, unexpected events.

It can be an exhausting experience for the consumer.

The last thing that consumers want is a pushy salesperson trying to expedite one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Shy away from creating too much immediacy, and instead be there to serve their home buying journey.

Not following up with seller’s after the listing has been promoted or showcased through an open house.

When you host an open house, you should have a document for visitors to enter their contact information if they would you like to receive more information from you about real estate.

Within 24 hours after an open house, agents should send a thank you email to their new prospects, alongside a few resources that will help them get more educated around real estate within their neighbourhoods.

These can include a report on the estimated price for their home, a few local trends on buying/selling at a particular time, or even showcasing how many homes you have sold within that year (with testimonials to give it a little bit more of a push).  

Keep your clients informed throughout the entire journey, which will allow them to trust you more and, ultimately, help you close more sales.

By knowing where you are, they may be able to speak with their network of professionals to help you accelerate the closing of the sale.

So there you go!

These are a few quick tips to help you market your listing, as well as a few practices to avoid when you promote your listing.

You may not need to use all these points (or perhaps you already implement a few of these), so go ahead and pick the ones you think will help you the most in marketing your new listing.