Do you have your 30 seconds pitch ready? You know, the ‘elevator pitch’?

If someone were to ask you what makes you different from other agents, or why should someone work with you, would you be able to clearly state why? More importantly, is your pitch so convincing that it elicits a response from your prospect?

In a market that seems saturated with information, with an abundance of internet data, and many promising claims, real estate agents are desperately competing for prospect’s attention. Let’s remember, first impressions matter within the first few seconds of meeting someone so agents need to be well prepared with pitching their value within a limited amount of time. If you’re ready, be sure that you’ll stand apart from the competition.  

So how do you create your sales pitch?

Agents need a unique selling proposition, or USP, that communicates effectively who you are, what you do, and why someone should do business with you. It’s most important job is to state what your prospects get out of working with you. If you don’t already have one, you’re not setting yourself apart.  

The problem today is that agents don’t have a USP and instead improvise their services on the go. If they do have a pitch, it straggles and sometimes rambles on. Even more harmful to your business, is a pitch that is too self-promotional and unsubstantiable. Have you come across these?


“We’re #1”     “We’re the best in the business”  


Redundant, aren't they? Everyone's got one.

At no point do any of those phrases state how it benefits the prospect. If this is your pitch, you’ve most likely already lost that lead without even having had the opportunity to prove yourself.

Instead, you might want to try adding a meaningful and relevant benefit to the prospect within your pitch. If you add the following into your ads, prospects will pay attention and most likely reach out to you because no one else in the industry is doing it.

So here are a few questions to keep in mind for creating a meaningful USP:

  • What do your customers want? 
  • What particular need can you fill?
  • Can you showcase how you will fulfill your customer's needs? 

If you've answered these thoroughly, you now have your USP.

Again, your USP should highlight specifically and transparently, the benefits you offer to your prospects. These benefits can take the form of a unique service USP, a performance guarantee USP, or a statistical USP.

Let’s explore these a little bit more:

  1. Unique Service USP shows prospects how your services will make buying or selling a home better, faster, easier, kinder, funner, etc. An example could be: Join our open house tour and view 15 homes in a single day. 
  2. Performance Guarantee USP shows prospects how you offer guarantees. You also demonstrate how you hold yourself accountable to. An example could be: I will sell your home in 90 days. If I don't, you'll have the house for free.
  3. Statistical USPs shows prospects proof that your services will sell homes fast and you've got the evidence to back it up. Take for example: I will sell your home for an average of $5,000 higher than the norm. You may want to illustrate it as a table or a graph to make your case.

It's no surprise that the performance USP will create the most impact amongst prospects because they are wanting to see you follow through (and if it doesn’t, they still win because they will receive your services for free). Not to mention that other agents will start to feel the pressure of working to satisfy the demands you meet. And don't forget to supplement your pitches with testimonials. 


Now that you understand the benefits of having USPs, here are a few additional pointers for creating meaningful USPs.

Try to be:

  1. Unique - offer something different that is not yet being offered.
  2. Specific - the more precise and exact you are, the more believable you will be.
  3. Relevant - offer a meaningful benefit that means something to your prospect, right here, right now.
  4. Believable - don’t offer something that is impossible to believe, because chances are, it will be impossible to believe.
  5. Focused - don’t try to be all things to all people. Your USP may be focused but it is ok if it evolves over time because it should be improving over time.
  6. Short and sweet - it’s easy to fall in the trap of believing that writing more means you have more important things to say. That’s not the case. Keep your writing short and to the point and watch your prospects enjoy that.

Remember, you have a certain amount of time to convince your prospects to become clients. That amount of time matters because you won’t get it back if you don’t captivate your prospect from the onset. 

It’s important to create a meaningful USP that benefits your prospect, to fine-tune it repeatedly, and evolve it to meet your prospects needs and wants over time. By continuously improving your USP, you will stand apart from the competition and get more leads while doing the same amount of work you are already doing. Take this opportunity and make the most of it.