We’ve seen consumers evolve in the way they communicate and interact with information. Real estate agents need to adapt to how they’re sharing information and communicating with their consumers.

Here are a few tips you can use  to stay current. Tips that are not time consuming, but instead are effective for relating with consumers.

Share Helpful Content:

On average, consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements and messages a day. It’s no surprise that it becomes difficult for consumers to decipher what is relevant and what is not. This is where you, the real estate agent, can change that experience. You’re there to help divert important information to them. By sharing helpful content (think emails, or blasting articles via Twitter), you will help consumers be more informed and decisive in the real estate buying journey. Don’t just share listings, share information around habits of the local neighbourhood, schools around the area, and upcoming events around the house you’re trying to list, or try sharing CMA’s with them. They’ll be thankful to you because they didn’t have to go out of their way to find this essential information - rather they get it straight from the source, which is you the agent.

Getting on Social Media:

Social media is the world’s stage - it allows everyone to speak up and amplify their message to the online world. So when the business of real estate is heavily dependant on word-of-mouth and referrals, why aren’t you communicating online? Social media allows consumers that would normally not have had a chance to know you, to connect with you, ask you questions and begin a relationship. All in real-time. Even better - if your clients have delightful comments to make about you and mention you through their social media channels, guess what - other consumers will be exposed to those comments. This increases the chances of others wanting to work with you.

Be on Mobile:

As an agent, you’re always on the move. From the next open house, to meeting with clients, to closing a deal - you can’t be stopped. So, how do you run your business on the go? Chances are, you’re on a mobile device. Consumers are no different. They’re going to their jobs, running errands, viewing houses, going to pick up their children, all while checking in periodically on their mobile devices. It’s safe to say that your websites, your emails, and anything that has your brand on it, should be viewable on a mobile device. Without interruptions, without breaking. It should offer an easy-to-navigate experience for the consumer that is always available on their mobile device.

Adopting the Use of Video:

Prospects are increasingly consuming information through video. That’s because videos allow for the content to be digested easily, quickly, and in an appealing way. Most importantly, it allows you to tell a story. Today’s consumers want an answer right now. Video allows for real-time communication as if you were face-to-face with your consumers. You can also get creative with what you’re showcasing in your videos. Think about having a client provide a testimonial, or highlight a listing via video. Perhaps you could hold an interview, where a consumer could ask you questions about purchasing a home and you answer those questions. You could share that video via email with your entire network so that they recognize your level of expertise in real estate.

There you go - implementing these tips will not take much out of your budget or time. They’re simple tips to heighten your level of communication with consumers, expediting your consumer's’ journey to purchasing a home.