This webinar is hosted by RESAAS, featuring Kelly Mitchell. She is Founder of The Wine Siren, Co Founder of Women On Wine TV, and Founder of Agent Caffeine.

Consumers are sending a clear message to real estate professionals: they've done most of the research and want to know how you will make their lives better. Content is critical in communicating to the global consumer, in addition to your level of expertise in real estate, your business-savviness, and your ease of collaboration. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to create content that seduces buyers, featuring Kelly Mitchell, founder of Agent Caffeine. 

Key take-aways about content to keep in mind:

  • 2015 is the year of consumerism.
  • Your content defines who you are in the eyes of the consumer.
  • Content is everything you share digitally with the consumer.
  • Custom content rules 82% positive from consumers.
  • Experience is king.
  • By 2020, customer experience rules.
  • How you make people feel is paramount. 

Content is nothing if it is not relatable

What you can do: find out what schools your prospect's kids go to. How far do they want to travel to work? Ask these questions so it gives you a stronger understanding of the people you are working with. Retention of information is more important than ever to provide valuable, new information to prospects. 

Your ability to survive in today's world depends on how you respond in real-time.

What you can do: engage with consumers right away. If they sent you a message, don't delay responding. Today's consumers want answers to their questions right away. If not, they may move onto another agent.

Custom content in real-time sets you apart.

What you can do: mass marketing and offline marketing is becoming more ineffective with today's knowledgeable consumer. Tailored content that meets the individual's needs, questions and concerns can convert them quicker than mass advertising. They feel listened to, connected to and serviced. All these help to create loyalty with the consumer and increase referrals to you. Consumers know there are a myriad of options available, so it's critical you stand out with individuality.  


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