We are seeing a surge in overseas real estate transactions. With consumers and investors actively seeking opportunities to invest throughout the world, how can agents be proactive in bridging the gap between diverse markets and economies?

Join us for this recorded webinar featuring speakers from Coldwell Banker Westburn Realty, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, AREAA and RESAAS in a panel discussion on how real estate agents need to begin cultivating an international clientele-base through the adoption of social tools. 

Tina Mak - Coldwell Banker Westburn Realty, AREAA




Richard Silver - Sotheby's International Realty Canada




Tom Rossiter - President at RESAAS



You will learn about:

  • the rising trends in foreign investments across North America.
  • how real estate professionals can be proactive with the increase of cross-border transactions.

  • how tapping into social media channels can transform your lead generation efforts.


Tips for being proactive in bridging the gap between diverse markets. 

  • Be sensitive to cultural differences - specially in regards to negotiation, interest rates, and listing services. Educate yourself on local best practices and provide the right information at the right place and time to the right people.
  • Adapt your communication strategies - use local technology tools.
Wechat: for mainland Chinese.
Whatsapp: for Hong-Kong.
Skype: North America, for conference calls.
Juwai: for advertising listings to the Chinese community.
Youku: YouTube in China.

Merge online and real-world networks to provide value to fellow agents and clients alike:

  • If education, communication and the kind of digital posts agents make reflects their knowledge and expertise, then it will be an extension of their real life. Consumers will have trust in what they are talking about and feel confident to move forward with them. 

  • With the right social networks, it makes it easy to post something local (a listing or syndicating content), all while allowing you to manage your real estate business.
  • Leverage YouTube to talk about your neighbourhoods. That way consumers are introduced to the area, while seeing your passion surrounding it. This is a great way to be introduced to potential foreign buyers.
  • Blogging is important for showcasing your expertise. But for localization, do you rely on Google Translate - if possible, hire a local professional to translate your blogs.
Microblogging sites:
Weibo: for mainland China
Sana: for mainland China


Should agents be positive for the next few years, particularly about the rise of millennials?

  • Millennials are out home shopping - with seniors offering suggestions.
  • Respond to consumers the way they want to be responded to. If they sent you a text, send them a text back (not a call).
  • Respond quickly to a consumer or agent reaching out - millennials will often appoint the agent that is the first to respond.
The beauty of social is that you can do one little action, and a big group of people are informed at once. Tom Rossiter, President of RESAAS

Differences in Millennials

  • North America: Parents help children enter the housing market, but millennials make their own purchasing decisions.
  • Chinese: Parents have more influence in the purchasing decision.

Did you know?

  • Millennials represent nearly 80% of first-time home buyers. 
  • Millennial homeowner optimism is high: Young buyers view home purchases as a worthwhile investment.

Use social media to create value for prospects and clients in diverse countries

  • Portray yourself as the source - even if you cannot advise on a topic, guide them to another source where they can get the information they are looking for. 
  • Blogging helps agents share the knowledge and expertise they have on a particular topic, rank higher in search engines and acquire new leads.
  • It's important that online communication is as tailored to the area you are targeting as possible.


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